Report: Britney Spears Sex Tape Surfaces

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    Ooops if this is true. What do you all think of this possible tape if true? For those of you that are over 18, would you watch it?

    I have to be honest, I would be tempted to. And yes, I am over 18.

    And here is the article:

    Oops she did it... on video!

    A Britney Spears sex tape has surfaced, and the pop princess is freaking out, Radar reports. The clip apparently shows the "Toxic" songstress topless gyrating on top of a secret lover while smoking what looks to be a joint, according to the outlet which claims to have seen the footage.

    "She’s totally mortified and not coping well at all. Every time she thinks she’s finally put the past to bed, something comes back to haunt her ! A seedy sex tape is more than she can handle right now!” a source dished to the site.

    For the record, her rep denies a tape exists.
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    this was proven fake. if any celeb gossip site had it theyd be eager to be the first to leak it for the money. they dont have it.